Executive Board

Executive Board

Judy Bobrek, Interim President

Phyllis Rosen, Judy Bobrek, Dianne Tarsitano, 1st VPs

Vicky Soden, Anita Brown, 2nd VPs

Lorraine Coiro, Treasurer

Marti Duncan, Secretary

Beverly Badgett, Parliamentarian

The Executive Board and Standing Committee Chairpersons meet on the 2nd Thursday each month.

Standing Committees & Luncheon

Standing Committees

Anita Brown, Margie Lorenzo, Cards & Games

Susan Wolter, Community Service

Stephanie Levin, Member Directory

Carol Anderson, Hospitality

Margie Lorenzo, Membership

Marcia Pfeifer, Newcomer Connections

Paula Kovack, Newsletter Editor & Website

Susan Johnson, Publicity

Helen Speer Historian / Photographer 

Joni McCrory, Luncheon Reservations

Social Committee, Open

Carole Griffin, Sunshine

Marge Guzman, Rachelle Guzman, Table Decorations

Paula Kovack, Theatre

Monthly Luncheons are for CNC Members and their guest(s) on the

 3rd Thursday each month.

September - June

Social Time 11:30 am, Luncheon & Program at noon.

Members check your newsletter for details and location. 

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Cards & Games

March 19, 2020 (Canceled)


Spring Tea Social

April 30, 2020 (Canceled)

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